Saturday, November 4, 2017

Happenstance or Homophobia...?

I could not help but laugh at this confluence of signs in an Atlanta street. It is either an unfortunate coincidence, a funny happenstance, evidence of a problem or lack of cultural sensitivity. I wonder if any gay men go to that church? Or anyone who saw that Al Pacino movie...????
Okay guys...come to church here cruising.  



Friday, October 27, 2017

Happy Friday....

Well, I do not think I will miss you despite having your constant company for over 20 years. Don't come back!!!! Adios, no te voy a echar de menos a pesar de tenerte por constante compañero por tantos añ vuelvas!!!


Monday, October 23, 2017

New Beginnings ...Hopefully!

El Cuerpo lo Sabe...!

La Fiesta de Bodas, Mateo 21:1-14.

Mateo 13, El trigo y la cizaña.

Caminante no Hay Camino

Gracia y Paz

Trabajar, disfrutar, descansar.....

Por Sus Llagas, Somos Sanados?

Lesons From Logan

So, I wrote this eons ago and never published it, but hate to leave in limbo, so here it it! I went to see Logan!!! 

Like many of you, I have watched every X-men movie over the last 17 years, and Logan - The Wolverine was always one of my very favorite characters. Needless to say I went with a lot of expectation to see the release of Logan and found the movie not just entertaining but full of life lessons, at least for me.

First I found Logan had aged, even as I! Of  course he lived in the prime time of youth for hundreds of years, but here finally age has caught up.  I have to admit it was , at first, difficult to see an aging Wolverine struggling with his joints and to catch his breath as he confronted his enemies but then it finally seemed right that he had joined the ranks of mere mortals, for whom aging has consequences. 

It was sad for me as the movie depicted the death of the professor and later of Logan himself. Both these men so full of dreams to change the world, to make a difference in the life of mutants and human, die penniless, persecuted and pretty much alone.  Life can be like that, and for that depiction near a reality we live in our world I was thankful.

I would not recommend the movie to anyone needing to be cheered up or a happy ending , but for those looking for intrigue , a bit of action and a hard dose of the realities of aging , even among our heroes, watching Logan will be time well spent!



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