Thursday, January 21, 2010

The day I decided to stop being gay - Times Online

A minor incident in a barber’s shop last week has helped me to realise that I may no longer be gay. Not a fully fledged homo, anyway; perhaps not even a part-timer who helps the team out when it’s busy. It appears I may be going straight.

I was in Tenterden, the Kentish village where I was brought up and to which I have lately returned, working at a nearby aerodrome as a helicopter pilot. I was waiting my turn for a chatty Latvian to apply the hot towels and razor. A handsome young dad entered with a small, fair-haired boy at his side. The man took a seat and hoisted the wide-eyed child proudly on to his knee. The first haircut, I speculated inwardly, as an unfamiliar fatherly glow and feeling of mild envy swept over me. I could not tear my attention away from the mirrored reflections.

From time to time, the dad leant forward as they waited and whispered close to his son’s ear, tenderly kissing his fair head. Touching stuff.But then my eyes lowered and I became transfixed by the sight of the boy’s tiny pink fingers gripping his father’s huge, workman-like fist. And I almost wanted to burst into song.

I think my life changed at that moment...

I absolutely loved this post by a gay airline pilot contemplating fatherhood and the impication of such a desire to his lifestyle.

Life is seldom as simple as we would make it and that applies to the author's depiction of his life and hopes, yet it seems honest and refreshing. He tells his story and, though we are seldom objective when doing so, he comes across as sincere.

I can not help but to smile at his words "I may be going straight" in the same breath as he notices the handsomeness of the young father who brings his son for his first haircut.." . Talk about conflicting desires! But hey, life is complicated and people do evolve! He certainly will not be the first!I for one which him the best!

It is fun reading and the host of reader comments is very interesting.



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