Thursday, August 13, 2009

Who Are You Dude...?

It can be a scary thing to let others see you as you see yourself, as you feel you truly are....kinda like the feeling of waking up naked or in uncool underwear in a public place! For one thing ...the fear of being rejected, unliked, shunned, makes slaves even of the freest of men. It is with good reason the "Good Book" cautions against being too concerned about the opinions and approval of others.

Then, there is also the interesting detail that our perception of who we are in often in a state of flux. I never just am.....I am becoming. This is an inherent handicap in my interaction with others ....I self reveal only a changing canvas an incomplete work. And just what will eventually be is known only to God..." We do not know yet what we will become..." are true words of John, beloved friend of Jesus.

Just as we think we know, we have realized who we truly are ..usually in a delusional stage of our teenage years .... comes the growing realization we are "molting" and do not fit into that skin. Suddenly, it seems the image we so carefully cultivated and defended becomes just an outdated set of clothes, or worse a skeleton to be hidden away for none to see. To make it more interesting can happen again....before all is said and done !

So....then "I" is written in pencil, with large erasers and God must have a sense of humor and lots of grace!!!. It also means that patience is crucial to our understanding of ourselves and others, our friendships and relationships. I am not exactly the same as yesterday and thankfully can be better, more interesting, loving, compassionate or maybe just less of a jerk tomorrow!

Who am I dude? Well... a work in progress, messy at times, clay in the hands of the potter, one that hopefully, in the eyes of the artist, will turn out better than expected!



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