Sunday, May 10, 2009


Padre Alberto's fall from Roman Catholic grace has all the makings of a TV movie and, unfortunately, all the trappings of a circus.

Alberto CutiƩ, the charismatic 40-year-old priest and book author, was captured frolicking on a Florida beach with a woman -- their pictures on the cover of a Mexican magazine sold here. He has stepped down from his Miami Beach church, immediately apologizing for his misbehavior but vowing to keep serving the Lord.

The Catholic Archdiocese of Miami, which has rightly come under fire for years for taking its sweet time to investigate allegations of child abuse among pedophile priests, worked quickly to strip CutiƩ of his duties while he prays and contemplates his future.

For the most part, Miami's Spanish-language talk radio and TV shows have been sympathetic, recalling all his good works and lamenting that the Catholic church requires celibacy of the clergy. Over and over again, callers have said: He may be a priest, but he's still a man. The church rule is the problem, not the priest. Maybe so, but what happened to personal responsibility? Had Padre Alberto gone to his bishop as soon as he felt like straying from his vows, he would have been honest with himself, God and the church.

Padre Alberto long had championed celibacy as an option, not a requirement.

In truth, it's not church dogma, such as the divinity of Jesus Christ or the Holy Trinity. It's a rule required centuries ago, in part because the Vatican worried that the priests' widows and children were taking riches from the church.It's an outdated requirement in a church that is scrambling for priests and nuns, who also are to remain chaste.

While Catholics struggle with this latest scandal, Padre Alberto surely has options.

He can become an Episcopalian priest, for instance, where men and women -- yes, they allow women to lead churches, Praise Jesus! -- can go to the beach and cuddle up and not be castigated because they can marry. Episcopalian Bishop Leo Frade, who oversees the Southeast Florida Diocese of almost 300 priests (including five former Catholic priests) told me Thursday that he would welcome Padre Alberto with open arms...The apostle Peter, after all, was married.

The idea of celibacy is that a single man can devote his entire life to his flock.

''I say, sure, he or she will have more time, but a single person will have to spend a lot more time than our clergy turning away God's gifts, suppressing their sexuality,'' Frade said. ``We have chaste priests. That's OK. That's their prerogative.''

For many years this Cuban American priest has been the poster boy for South Florida Hispanic Catholicism. He is handsome, well spoken and very down to earth! His many virtues and work in the favor the church have gained him the admiration of many in and out of the Catholic Church.

My prayers for padre Alberto, his relationship with God and his family. One should not have to choose between the priesthood and love, both are gifts and callings of God.

The Episcopal Church has married priests, he certainly would be welcome...and it appears bishop Frade is wasting no time in extending the invitation!

Padre Alberto la Iglesia Episcopal te da la Bienvenida!




Merry ME said...

The Episcopal church would surely welcome someone who is "handsome, well-spoken, and down to earth." Having "many virtues" would be also be a plus!

But I dare say that an unmarried Episcopal priest, of either sex, would get very far frolicking and cuddling on the beach.

Certainly, for a Catholic priest choosing celibacy over love must be a difficult part of the job. It also occurs to me that the blatant disregard (as in frolicking on the beach) for the rule and authority would also put the priest's job in jeopardy. Even an Episcopal Bishop would look down his nose at behavior unbecoming to a sitting priest.

Doesn't wearing a collar bring with it a certain responsibilty to be prudent in one's personal actions? I'm not saying a priest should not have or take the opportunity to fall in love. Personally, I think they have to do it with the propriety the job would incur. Flaunting love or doing it behind closed doors ... isn't there a respectable happy medium?

Merry ME said...

Looks like he made it into the rarified domain of the Episcopal Church!