Thursday, January 29, 2009

World gets first gay head of state

Independent: ANDY MCSMITH

Iceland is set to appoint the world’s first lesbian prime minister – a former flight attendant who rose through the political ranks to become a cabinet minister.

Johanna Sigurdardottir, the 66-year-old social affairs minister, has been picked by her Social Democratic Alliance party to lead an interim government after the country’s conservative-led government collapsed.

Ms Sigurdardottir’s appointment is expected to be confirmed within days by the new ruling coalition of the Alliance party and the Left-Green movement. She would lead Iceland until general elections, expected in May.

Environment Minister Thorunn Sveinbjarnardottir said: “She is respected and loved by all of Iceland.

That this is news at all shows we have a long way to go as a prejudice free society. Why should people's sexual orientation be newsworthy?

As to claims she is "the first one"! Well, who is to say?...The first one we know about maybe! Or, the fist in a society where its not that important.



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