Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Son Cubanos...

Not many of the Cuban- Americans I know voted for Obama…”por ese no, que va”. Even less made any comments about Michelle’s fashion sense during her appearances in the campaign trail!!! However, as inauguration day flashed on, in my house, that of relatives and friends in the small Cuban American community of the city where we live, the chatter was all about the inauguration’s more visible…..Cubans!

With a touch of pride, a friend noted that, the very morning of the inauguration, Mrs. Obama wore a yellow gown designed for her by “una cubana”, the New York based designer Isabel Toledo. “…The color is somewhat strange, but the design, le queda bien- it suits her…”

Cuban Episcopalians were quick to remind me that, at the traditional early morning prayer service on Inauguration day, the Obama’s were welcomed to St. John’s Episcopal Church in Lafayette Square by the Rector, the Rev. Dr. Luis León, a Cuban.

Though for many in this community Obama was not the first choice, I could not help a chuckle at all the gossip and smiles generated by pictures like this one… “Oye chico, did you know that Cubans dressed and blessed…the Obamas? ” , “Of course, claro que si, la costurera y el cura…Son Cubanos!”



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