Thursday, January 15, 2009

A New Deity?

I do not plan to invoke the name of Jesus at all...pray to the God of our many understandings".

These are words uttered by the Episcopal Bishop of New Hampshire in an interview with NPR just a few days ago. He has been chosen to lead prayer at the opening event of the presidential inauguration this Sunday and wanted to make sure people felt included in his invocation of deity.

Some may applaud his attempt at inclusiveness, for me it was dissapointing! A Christian bishop who specifically excludes the name "Above all Names", the name to which "Every Knee Shall Bow..." and "...every tongue confess ..." ?

What deity is the God of our many understandings? One defined by what we think?

God is in no sense defined by our comprehension nor mental constructs which often distort the divine image! These are mere idols! Religious leaders worth their salt should point us beyond these, to the reality and awesomeness of the Divine person....not allow us to be content with our petty imaginations!

I wonder, given this and other statements in the media by bishop Gene, if he sees his ministry more as that of a bishop or a GLBT advocate? He sure spends a lot of time and is very clear on his message of inclusion but sounds quite dissapointing as an spokesperson for the One who is Lord!



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