Thursday, January 10, 2008

God's Purpose

“The Lord shall accomplish his purpose with me”
Psalm 138:9

These are faith filled words that encourage us in times of uncertainty and doubt.

Certainly the author was no stranger to unusual turns in life. After being anointed to be king , gaining the favor of the people, he becomes a persecuted outcast, exiled to the land of his enemies and surrounded by people of ill repute. I wonder how many times this shepperd boy, turned warrior and would be king wondered whether the words of the prophet and the promises of God would be fulfilled in his life.

So it happens to us at times. The circumstances ever changing of life can bring questions we have no easy answers for, bewilderment, fear. What a good reminder are the words of this Psalm there is a purpose in our life which is God’s and he will accomplish it. It is an invitation to trust in God and his mercy, his providence , his promise that “all things will work out for the good of those that love him”.

These words found in the scripture selection of today’s Morning Prayer are also of comfort for us as the CEC begins a new season of ministry with the election of our Patriarch yesterday. Despite our disappointments, concerns, flaws and obvious failures, there is a purpose of God that he means to fulfill.

May we find ourselves united to God’s purpose, may ours be the prayer “thy kindgdom come”, “thy will be done” , May we be coworkers with God in the fulfilling of his vision, his dreams his purpose and trust him to accomplish in us what he has in his heart.



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