Friday, September 28, 2007

Priorities...Healthy Kids!

Senate Passes Children’s Health Plan


Published: September 28, 2007

WASHINGTON, Sept. 27 — The Senate gave final approval on Thursday to a health insurance bill for 10 million children, clearing the measure for President Bush, who said he would veto it. Senator Pat Roberts of Kansas, one of 18 Republicans who voted for the bill, said the White House had shown “little if any willingness to come to the negotiating table.”

Republican opponents of the bill, like Senators Judd Gregg of New Hampshire and John Cornyn of Texas, said it would be a big step toward socialized medicine, would shift people from private insurance to a public program and would allow coverage for illegal immigrants and children in high-income families....

It seems unthinkable that in a country like ours, touted to be the richest in the world, where billions have been spent on war over the last several years there is such a thing as children without health insurance!!!

Makes one wonder about properly formed conciences....? Republicans, many who claim to be prolife, need to remember that term is not defined just by opposition to abortion! It is about the promotion of life, "abundant life" as Jesus spoke of! Pro-life must necessarily involve work on the erradication of violence, poverty, abuse, neglect and insurance making access to care for all poor, illegal or not is really a no -brainer!

Charity begins at home...!!! Kudos to those in the Senate, Democrat and Republican alike who decided to put differences aside and the welfare of children first!

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