Thursday, September 27, 2007

Killer Condoms...

The Guardian
September 27, 2007

HIV-infected condoms sent to kill Africans, claims Archbishop.

...Mozambique's Roman Catholic archbishop has accused European condom manufacturers of deliberately infecting their products with HIV "in order to finish quickly the African people". The archbishop of Maputo, Francisco Chimoio, told the BBC that he had specific information about a plot to kill off Africans. "I know that there are two countries in Europe ... making condoms with the virus, on purpose," he alleged. But he refused to name the countries. The Catholic church has resisted pressure to amend its opposition to the use of condoms despite the Aids pandemic. Archbishop Chimoio told the BBC that abstinence was the best way to fight HIV/Aids…..

I am speechless....conspiracy theorists of the world rejoice...mayhem in Mozambique!!! While I wholeheartedly agree that abstinence is the best way to fight HIV...for the millions of HIV infected the world over and for those whose husbands, wives or significant others are infected, it seems insane to deny at least a measure of protection.

If there ever was a case of dogma dooming the devout,the delusional or the dumb this is it! Lord have mercy....


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