Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Brotherly Love

Yesterday I got to meet with a group of men which whom I have shared the life of faith for the past 13 years. We are all very different, yet by God ‘s grace have been able to pray for one another, speak into each other’s life and together endure some pretty difficult moments in the life of our church.

Honestly, I do not think it was a total surprise to them that I was the more liberal of the bunch. Let’s see what could have given that away? ….I can not think of a thing! I wonder if the endearment “socialist of the bunch” could possibly mean they contemplated the possibility? Hmmm! Yet, it is one thing to suspect it, another to hear it from the horses own mouth.

As they very patiently listened to my convictions on topics such as the ordination of women, empowerment of the laity, a yearning for the “soft margins” which seemed to be the hallmark of our community in times past I must admit to feeling very blessed. At no point did I perceive disrespect, rejection, accusation nor judgment; although in many things they probably hold views very different from my own.

In the essentials unity….Christ , His love, the One Spirit that lives in us all, the One cup we have drank of so many times, the friendship and struggles we have faced , all seemed to be at the forefront of our conversation and allowed us to be truly all part of one body, one family…the church. The rest…well, in non-essential unity and in all the rest charity. I saw that yesterday in practice and am encouraged by that demonstration of concern and brotherly love.

Now if they could just see things my way ….all would be great….!


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