Friday, August 10, 2012

The Deporter-In-Chief?

Very interesting ad targeting English speaking Latinos about President Obama's record on Immigration Reform. Though to Latinos in Florida, mostly of Cuban and Puerto Rican descent, this is not a big election issue, it is bound to raise questions.

Many Hispanics were hopeful that the promise made by then candidate Barack Obama during his campaign; "...we will have by the first year an immigration bill...", would bring some solution to the plight of  indocumented  immigrants and their children. This did not occur, and though some concessions were made to young Latinos brought by their parents to the US, it seems for many, to be too little, too late! This ad depicts it as a political move which offers very little in the way of real solutions to our immigration problem. The idea that he could have done more for reform and less in deportations does resonate among Latinos, irrrespective of political leanings!

It remains to be seen wether the President's less than stelar Immigration record, as highlighted by this ad, will have any effect on the support of Hispanics for the president this election cycle. As it stands he has a sizable lead specially among those Latinos for which immigration is a big issue. However, a recent  a Quinnipiac University poll showed that President Obama’s Latino support now 59 to 30%  has slipped some.

One thing this ad does do, regardless of how Latinos choose to vote in November;  It is a reminder that when it comes to politicians, promises don't always translate to action.



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