Friday, December 19, 2008

Too Many...?

On my drive to work this morning I happened upon one of those morning talk shows discussing a family in Arkansas with 17 children. One of the hosts, a childless man went as far as to say the parents should be jailed for the sheer irresponsibility of not using a condom!

Granted, radio talk shows do not have an elevated level of discourse, but the amount of hostility voiced towards this family was astounding. Never mind that, as evolution goes, this 17 and counting couple have successfully passed their genes on and the childless talk show host is batting zero! It was made to sound obscene, illicit and almost criminal.

Since when did it become tasteless and irresponsible to choose to have children?

I wonder how, if children are loved, cared for, educated and raised in the midst of family it should be obscene to have so many?

In a society where single parenthood, irresponsible sexuality as evidenced by STD’s and abortion, violence and neglect of children, one would have thought these would have been more serious items of conversation when discussing responsible sexuality and parenting!

I must confess I could not fathom a household with so many but something is definitely wrong with our perceptions! Lord Jesus Christ open our eyes and ears that we may see and hear and change!