Monday, September 1, 2008

Pregnant Palin....!

The world is ending !!! OMG Palin’s pregnant!!!!!!

Her 17 year old teen daughter that is!

The blogosphere is teeming with jokes, rumors, innuendoes, judgment and predictions of doom for McCain and Palin’s candidacy….mercy me conservatives are doomed!!

One would think some of these people did not live in 21st century America, where teenage pregnancy, independent of knowledge or availability of contraception, is rampant.

Maybe it is the cries of the childless we are hearing! Anyone who has ever raised teenagers knows there comes a point when they have to make their own choices! Parents can not staple their pants to their bodies nor put them in chastity belts…!Some kids, even from stable Christian families, choose to have sex before marriage whether parents approve or not …get real!

As I read predictions of the Alaskan governor’s demise among evangelical and Christian voters it dawns on me …many do not understand Christians or our concept of grace. People are human, they will not always make the best choices, but in an ideal world they will take responsibility for them.

In this difficult situation for the Palin family it seems they have tried to handle their private situation with grace. Their pregnant 17 year old daughter is assured of their love and support , even as she is realizing how life is changed when a girl becomes a mother. What more can be expected?

Interestingly, a contrast can be seen here between candidates and their concepts about children! Barack Obama, in his support of abortion, has said if his daughter were to become pregnant as a teenager he would not want her to be punished with a baby. Sarah and her daughter, as many Christians, seem to have seen it differently…children, even those unplanned are not a punishment, they can turn out to be a blessing!

Yes….its true, there is a pregnant Palin…big deal!!!! More power to the VP!!! For her and her family we wish nothing but the best and assure them of our prayers.



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