Monday, April 21, 2008

TEC Talk...

Well there you have it! After months of prayer, discernment, meeting with all kinds of committes for ministry and the local Episcopal bishop it looks like we will be received into The Episcopal Church this summer. Upon the announcement that this was to be so, people actually danced in the aisles at mass Sunday and, the few cradle Episcopalians among us, had tears of joy....So much for GBC!

Granted, we hold no illusions about the perfection of TEC but, in the diocese we will call home, it feels like a good fit. We will be the first Hispanic ministry in the diocese, a moderately conservative leaning community, whose clergy and bishop have been outstanding in their welcome and support. From being basically homeless, we inherit a paid for beautiful building, several dozen new members, at least 70 sister churches locally, companion dioceses in Cuba and Peru and, beyond that,the Anglican Communion. It seems a given that the wide open doors are the doing of God!

Unchanged, yet mixed with a bit of sadness, is the love and regard I and many hold for our formative years in the CEC. There are scores of memories, people we love to whom we are so deeply indebted. Yet, there is a sense that there must be a parting of the ways, that each may follow Christ according to conviction with joy. I had hoped it would take longer but... alas, life happens and news travel fast! So far all has been peaceful and positive, our CEC, bishop has heard the news and spoken like a true gentleman, the clergy who know so far have been a blessing to my soul.

May God grant us the wish of a transition full of His presence for all involved .....! We are to be received at a special service in the Cathedral early summer....that will be something! Hmmm about that guest list!!!!



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