Thursday, October 25, 2007

Break Ups...

CHARISMATIC EPISCOPAL CHURCH SPLITS. More news. In my last VIEWPOINTS I said the schism in the CEC had resulted in many leaving and going to Rome. A priest who is leaving the CEC himself wrote to say that many of those leaving have gone to Western Rite Orthodoxy, but the most common destination has been for AMiA, CANA and the Anglican Province of America."Individuals have indeed gone to Rome, but parishes cannot do so. Thus, considering parishes are moving toward Anglican jurisdictions. It is much more accurate to describe the movement as toward Anglicans, including myself. Many former CEC priests have chosen to affiliate with AMiA and are busy planting parishes. Not a few parishes have also chosen to affiliate with AMiA. Lately, others have begun to affiliate with CANA. Eventually, however, it seems likely that a large number of former CEC clergy and parishes are in conversation with APA-REC. In the end, this may result in the largest single quorum of all." The source told VOL that the total number of parishes being planted by former CEC priests added to the parishes that have/are joining with Anglican bodies could total well over 30 Anglican parishes, when all the dust settles.

I am uncertain as to the accuracy of this news, it does not seem that way from where I am looking. It sure feels bad to have this kind of news about your church reported...such a letdown! My heart goes out to the Episcopalians who seem to have been in the news and blogs ad nausaum for the past year! I guess time is needed for all to settle. In the mean time the best we can do is pray!



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Perhaps the total suggested of former CEC parishes/missions of 30 is questionable, but then again, maybe not! There have been at least 10, if my count is right, clergy head to AMiA. At least one has publicly gone to CANA. Bishop Fick lists 7 or 8 parishes/missions affiliating with APA and now the CCR is going to talk to the APA/REC? Should they have 15-18 parishes/missions between them and should they all go APA/REC in some combination, then that 30 number is actually looking conservatively accurate. We shall see.